Get Axl Rose To Release Chinese Democracy 2 And 3 as a Two Disc Set

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Many people are happy about the reunion or whatever you call it. I'm fine with it too. But most of all I want to hear all the songs we have heard about through the years. Axl dropped some song names when he was chatting in this forum. Songs like The General, Soul Monster, Atlas Shrugged, Jackie Chan, Seven, Thyme, Quick Song, Ides of March, Zodiac... all epic, interesting titles. All sitting in some moldy vault, when they should be blasting into our ears! I don't want want those songs to never play, when they could be giving comfort to somebody or comfort from someone..

To keep the dream alive dammit!   It's only been 11 years since Chinese Democracy came out. 2019 would be a good year to release a follow-up album.