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Allow Libertarian Party of Canada Leader Tim Moen into the Federal Leadership Debates!

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Canada’s Ron Paul deserves to be heard!

Tim Moen has been called “Canada’s Ron Paul” – and, like Ron Paul, his fearless defence of personal and economic liberty is exciting voters and adding a fresh perspective on solutions to our failing economy, declining civil liberties and misguided foreign policy.

Meanwhile, the rhetoric coming from the three main parties has become increasingly more polarized, even though their policies  have never been more the same.  This, combined with the increased momentum of the Libertarian Party of Canada and the rise in popularity of libertarian ideas, is why the time has come for Canadians to hear a libertarian alternative. The Conservative Party claims to be the party that stands for free market principles, yet they have sacrificed their supposed principles time after to time, simply to hold on to power. The Libertarian Party of Canada is the only party with the momentum and organization to be a free market alternative to the Conservatives, along with the other status quo parties that agree on so much, despite their divisive rhetoric.  

As the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, Tim leads a party with over 150 candidates and a broad platform to improve the lives of Canadians; he has a national and international profile as a dynamic leader in the libertarian movement - but he still hasn't been invited to join the other party leaders in the national televised debates.

Only you can change this. Sign our petition today and let the media know “you’ll tune in, when they wise up.” Help us get Tim Moen into the leader's debates on September 17th, 24th, 28th as well as October 2nd and 8th, to give the Canadian public an actual alternative to the status quo, big government parties. Tim Moen isn't a career politician but a real Canadian who heroically risked his life to protect the lives and property of his fellow Canadians as a fire fighter.  Allow Tim Moen into the debates, a real Canadian driven by principle who will keep the career politicians honest!

Share this petition!  You can also email The Global and Mail, Google Canada, and Canada's Media Consortium (CTV & CBC) and demand they let Tim Moen into the debates!

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