Stop the discrimination. Approve senators Hanson & Roberts' town hall meeting!

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The Glen Eira City Council have crossed a line. They have decided to withdraw their hall from the upcoming Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts address to our local community. 

First the council denied that I ever applied for the hall hire, then they claimed that we double booked and now The Glen Eira Council has finally admitted that they will "never accommodate such an event".

When they first withdrew the hall, they were citing logistical problems with the Hawthorn Rd site as their reasoning. They suddenly claimed that they would have to close the Library attached to the hall which wouldn't be possible.

We all knew that it was a total lie in an attempt to shut us down. 

I called them on their bluff. We were and still are willing to move it to ANY of their numerous halls that are not attached to a library and/or change the time of our event.

Our booking was confirmed on the 16th of November, when there were no apparent "logistical issues". Not liking the guests is not an acceptable reason, especially when our guests are elected senators (by over 600,000 Australians) from our own federal parliament. Not criminals or terrorists.

Our new Mayor who I believe is an active Labor member, needs to put her and her councils personal views aside and not interfere with any community or organisations choice of guests.

The Australian Constitution has implicitly allowed us the freedom to discuss political issues. Glen Eira Council may be deliberately stifling our freedom of speech because they do not want to hear what we have to say. However, they allow other political groups to hold discussions within the Town Hall, and all we ask for is the same rights. This is discrimination based on political grounds and we want a fair go to have an open and honest conversation with the community.

We are being bullied by a local Council's personal agenda. All we ask for is a platform to have an open conversation about issues that affect our community.

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