This Is A Protest - a statement of discontent from the collective GSA student body.

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This Is A Protest - a statement of discontent from the collective GSA student body.

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This petition is to show solidarity and support for the cause of the protest being held by GSA students on Thursday the 27th of October.

We are protesting due to the lack of response and reaction from the school management over the following prevailing issues:



There is a real lack of effective dialogue and transparency with senior management

_ Dialogue with senior management and the GSA Directorate has failed
_ Management seems unable to effect real and substantial change
_ Our dissatisfaction has been ignored


Quality of learning impacted by restrictions on space and reductions in number of teaching staff

_ Our studio culture upping which GSA prides itself is being threatened
_ The inability to accommodate 25% extra student population is compromising our learning environment
_ Our teaching staff is overstretched and frustrated at being unable to deliver the expected quality of education


Failure of centralised services to benefit the students

_ Failure to recognise and service the specific needs of each department
_ Insufficient workshop facilities neither cater for growing demand nor enable us to make or experiment
_ Over bureaucratisation of facility management hinders our creativity


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This petition had 778 supporters

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