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The Get Down Convention 2018

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First of all, I'm french so it may have some mistakes in this text i'm already sorry.

Anyway, The Get Down was a amazing show but very expensive and (sadly) underrated. It was cancelled few weeks ago and i'm terribly sad. We won't see our babies on screen together. Not anymore. Not ever. And, I thought that if the show was cancelled how can we MEET THEM IN REAL FUCKING LIFE? Thats impossible. Or we need to get lucky like VERY lucky.

So i need you, guys, to sign this petition because MAYBE it's impossible to realize but, at least, i tried.

If it works, it'll take place in Paris but YOU, even if you live too far from paris, take your time to sign this, because (i'm so sorry but) you will participate to realize a dream for others.

You know what? i cried a lot when i heard that the get down was cancelled. I'm a huge fan and i love so much the cast so if i can do something for me AND others I DO IT.

You can make the difference.

(i'm so sorry, i hope everyone understood what i mean because it's really important)

Thanks to all of you.



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