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The Georgia General Assembly: Start saving lives stop unnecessary police pursuits!!!

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Police chases are dangerous and put the public, the officer, and the person who is being chased in harms way. FBI statistics indicate that out of every 100 pursuits, there is at least 1 fatality. Resulting accidents and lawsuits are also costly. Too many lives are being taken and for what? First, the majority of police pursuits involve a stop for a traffic violation. 91% of all chases are for non-violent crimes.  (1)  I am not willing to risk lives over TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS! What is more important money or people? Well of coarse everyone is going to say people are more important at first. But when we start taking a look at these terrifying statistics its hard to say that our actions reflect that.

I am certainly not saying that we should let everyone go, if the suspect has committed a violent crime, armed robbery, murder, or crimes involving children yes they must be captured. However factors concerning the weather, traffic, time of day, and road conditions should be taken into consideration before the pursuit is conducted. 

Extreme measures should only be used when there is clear evidence that the suspect is a dangerous criminal, and outlawed as responses to traffic stops. There should also be disciplinary action taken against officers that do not follow such guidelines.There are other means by which a suspect can be apprehended. For example - put a warrant out, send out mass community alerts for the suspects vehicle kind of like a amber alert. But we have to stop putting lives in danger.

There should be clearly defined laws and guidelines surrounding police pursuits. These laws must be enforced and officers must be required to abide by them. When every other American does not following the rules at there job they are held responsible why are police officers any different? There has to be consequences when guidelines are not followed or there will continue to be more and more deaths. Police officers especially in GA must be held responsible for their actions.



For more facts concerning police pursuits please see one of the links below thanks.

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