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The George Washington University Administration: Adopt a smoke free campus policy for GWU

Secondhand smoke contains over 5,000 chemical substances, at least 50 of which are known to cause cancer. The first global study into the effects of passive smoking estimated it causes 600,000 deaths every year. Passive smoking has also been found to significantly and independently increase the risk of cervical cancer.

For the past four years Colonials for Clean Air has been making efforts to get GWU a smoke free campus status. This will protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke exposure.The goal of Colonials for Clean Air is to promote a healthy GWU. 

As per American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation's July 2012 report,774 University & college campuses in US have already adopted a smoke free or tobacco free campus policy. This is a high time now that GWU also adopts a similar policy and sets an example demonstrating its commitment toward community health.
We appeal to the GWU students and faculty to sign this petition and show their support in favour of a 'Smoke free GWU campus'.

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