Grant Mayas access to freedom through Lebanon

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July 2016, my brother Mayas Maghrby was banned and denied access to Lebanon, due to a mistake in paper work provided from his passenger (he was the taxi driver) and has nothing to do with it. He was accused of fraud and insulting the border security. At the time he was just trying to survive working as a taxi driver between Syria and Lebanon to earn what kept him and his wife and one year old boy sheltered.

I sponsered my brother in Mar 2016 along with my mom, dad and my other brother who had fledd Syria with his family so we can all reunite in Canada after being apart since 2009 and with the help of the immigration service at the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon I was able to get them approved to change their life and escape the hardship life in Syria to join me.

On April of 2017, Mayas and his family along with my mom and dad were granted sponsored refugee's visas to leave from Lebanon's airport to come to Canada. During that time the immigration department were aware of my brother's issue entering Lebanon and had told him not to worry, and they can help. Once he arrived to the border he was denied access to go through Lebanon. His wife reached out to the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon for help. The Canadian Embassy took the visa documents from her and told her not to worry and that they can help.

10 min later I received an email cancelling and withdrawing his application without further notice.

Immediately after I received the email, I sent the Embassy Immigration department an email explaining his situation and the false promissess of the immigration association, to help him cross the border. After they reviewed his case, they reopened his file.

Mayas with his wife and baby boy left with no one and no family and not even place to stay. They gave up their shelter and they had sold all their furniture when they were granted the visa.

I'm asking you to help get my brother access to Lebanon. All what is left for my brother to be able to cross the Lebanese border to catch his flight to Canada. This airport is his only option 

Mayas is not working and has no place to stay,  they have been forced to jump from one friend to another friend's house for shelter. Their source of living based on charity and what ever money I can get to him, the only way to send money is Through Lebanon where he struggle to find someone he can trust and able to go to Lebanon to get it for him.

Please help Mayas Maghrby grant safe access to Lebanon, with the help of God blessing and the Canadian Immigration department, I was able to finally reunite all of my family in Canada. We are all waiting to reunite with my brother and his family to help them to start new life, new future and new hope.

Sign this petition to support Mayas as an approved refugee sponsored to cross Lebanon's border.

The Canadian Embassy has the ability to communicate with border security to allow 24 or 48 hours access to process his visa and get him with his wife and kid out of Lebanon on the way to Canada.

I am also asking Major General Abbas Ibrahim to kindly look into his file and help this family to reunite with the rest of us here in Canada.