Replace the event management team for the Nelson City Council

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The quality of Events in the Nelson region run by the Council are below the standard of areas. 

The New Years Eve event has shown us that event organisers within the council are more interested in pushing their personal interests (example, the band 'Zorn' is the band from the Event organiser) The other bands were choosen to ensure the band didn't sound out of place.

As a result, the music wasn't picked on what is best for the event, This is unfortunate.

This is but one example of nepotism. There are many others, and regrettably, this same team of people is responsible for the same decisions. These people ensure that funds from the council pass to business run within their group of friends (as seen in publicity over the last few years with previous Councillors (

It is time for a change. An impartial Events management Team who can bring a quality production that other Regions get to experience, where the event is based around public enjoyment, not the personal grand standing of the event organisers.