Legislation that gives some protections to farmers in the marketplace.

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Neo-liberal policies, minimum government intervention allowing the market to regulate itself was introduced to farming industries, including dairy farms, through the process of deregulation of all farming industries. What this has proven over time that it does not work!

Where wage-earners have a minimum wage they can be paid, union supports, legislation from the government to protect the rights of workers. Farmers in all industries do not have these. With no protections they are forced to sell their goods quite regularly for below the cost of production. Farmers work long hours for low pay. This is not sustainable. 

Government needs to regulate these industries to ensure that they receive a fair minimum price taking into consideration the cost of production. We need to take action now or there will be no farming industries left to save. The general public would not work for practically free with no protections so why do we expect our farmers to! Please sign and share, everyone in Australia deserves a right to a fair go, especially those who put high quality food on our tables.

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