Feed the hungry and cloth the cold.

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Nigerians are hungry, and this is no exaggeration or fairy tale. Insecurity, food shortages, non-paymtent of salaries, loss of jobs and intense recession and other distractions are compromising the food security and nutrition of millions in the country.
Many people are stuck in the poverty trap from which there is no immediate hope for liberation. Hunger is currently a national emergency, scattered across the length and breadth of country are men, women and children living or dying of acute hunger or starvation.

Experts say the amount of food needed by the average person varies according to age, sex, body size, physical activity and, to some extent, climate. But millions of Nigerians are subsisting on significantly less than the recommended 2,100 kilocalories that the average person requires to allow a normal, healthy life.

While the hunger situation may not be the same as high profile crises in war-torn areas or those hit by natural disaster, which starve a population of food, the nation's hunger emergency is nevertheless paramount.

No thanks to the hunger situation, almost 30 percent of Nigerian children are underweight. Statistics from UNICEF, reveal that Nigeria is facing a crisis of malnutrition and has recently overtaken India with the highest number of stunted children, the figures are daunting. With a population of over 190 million, the proportion of the undernourished in total population over the last two years averages 7.0 percent. The number of people undernourished has decreased steadily over the years from 28.0 million in 1990-1992 to 11.2 million in 2000-2002; 2005-2007, 9.3 million; 2010-2012, 10.2 million; 2014-2016, 12.9 million, 15.4 million; 2017-2018. According to UNICEF 205 children could die a day if nothing is done to stop starvation in Nigeria.

Under the World Food Programme (WFP), The Nigerian Food and Security Sector has collaborated with the Nutrition Sector -“The Food Security Sector and the Nutrition Sector has increased collaboration over the course of 2017, including initiating the process of developing joint Food Security and Nutrition products to illustrate where joint programming exists and identify opportunities for joint programming going forward. The Nigeria Food Security Sector and Nutrition Sector joined colleagues from other countries at a joint meeting in Rome in May 2017 that resulted in a Call for Action endorsed by agencies working in both humanitarian Nutrition and Food Security programming. This Call for Action identifies several steps that should be taken to improve collaboration between Nutrition and Food Security sectors in promoting joint programming and integrated responses that are based on vulnerability and composite indicators, addressing all the factors that contribute to increased malnutrition, disease, and mortality within humanitarian contexts.

While we wait for all higher bodies involved to make changes, you can make your own little change, which also makes a great impact. You never know you could be saving a life today by signing this petition! Hence it is an enabler in raising funds For providing meals to the poor. Remember ever one deserves to live a healthy life!

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