Justice for Kashmir

Justice for Kashmir

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Started by Sachal Khawaja

Indigenous status stems from the genesis of a culture,language & traditions in conjunction with its connections to an ancestral land Kashmiris have cultural, linguistic,historical,genetic and spiritual genesis as well as a coalescence as a people tied to the land ofJ&K State (Jammu and Kashmir State)

All GCC Countries must take notice of the persecution of Muslims in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir State particularly and the Muslims of Hindustan generally.

We, the Muslims of the World urge the GCC governments respectively to stand against such persecution of Muslims and crimes against humanity in IOK and in Hindustan and warn the Hindustan government of the consequences in form of a collective ban of its export to GCC and expulsion of hindustani expatriates from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. 

Such measures should be taken and maintained if Hindustan doesn't stop the persecution and killing of Muslims in the Indian occupied J&K (Jammu and Kashmir), Hindustan, and if the State government of Hindustan continues its policy of changing the demographics in the occupied territory of J&K.

The whole GCC and wider Muslim world should maintain a policy till a politically peaceful solution in line with UN resolution on The Jammu and Kashmir State and the aspiration of the people of J&K is taken.

86 have signed. Let’s get to 100!