The GSA needs to evolve to Gender & Sexuality Alliance to include all LGBTQ students

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The Gay Straight Alliance has been unbelievably beneficial for creating dialogs, educating communities, dispelling social fears, and creating change by keeping members of the LGBT community physically safe and mentoring advocacy. However part of our community is underserved, and it's critical to take the next steps to initiate change.  

To date, the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has dealt with differences in sexuality, but not gender.  We are the LGBTQ community, not LGB.  While some progressive local groups have taken it upon themselves to evolve to make the changes needed to move forward and address the needs of our community, they can't be isolated.  

Mainstream society is now aware of the very large, and until recently mostly hidden group of those who fall under the Transgender Umbrella... Transsexual, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, nonbinary, bigender, pangender, the largest group being (female-to-male) transmen, and the most threatened being (male-to-female) transwomen.  

Transwomen are assaulted and killed in alarming numbers all around the globe daily, but the mainstream media let these stories fall to the wayside because they don't sell advertising and some folks don't want to know about "those people".  Well "those people" are our fellow citizens, our fellow humans, our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and they need our protection.  

Bullying starts in the schools but it doesn't stay there. Kids everywhere are dealing with bullies... In the schools, at home... even in their own head because of what they deal with. They need our help.  It's time to educate to reduce the number of transgender suicides.  

We need the grassroots ability to educate as the GSA has so richly done for so long, to now take the next step in the evolution of the LGBTQIA movement and our place in society.  Please take the next step and consider evolving into the Gender & Sexuality Alliance so that all may be represented.  

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