Make Game Grumps change their intro for the episode finale of "House Party"

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The Game Grumps have this 20 episode series where they play "House Party" and it's pretty funny. Here's a link to the first episode so you can have a look:

There's this running joke between the two where they make fun of this character "Frank" and how his opening line is "How's it going dude?!" The joke is that Frank says it that amuses Arin, Dan, and everyone watching. 

In the latest episode I saw a comment saying that for the last episode their intro should go like: "Hey I'm Dude. I'm Not So DUUDE. HOW'S IT GOING DUUUUUUDS?!"

That would be hilarious if they did do that so that's what this petition is for. For them to change it just for the finale!

I don't have any social media that would get me in contact with Dan or Arin, so if you see this pass it along.




thank you