We support and will pay for a re-release or paid DLC for current gen 7D2D!

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So I thought so I thought I would add a couple little things to the top of this because I'm catching a lot of slack from different kinds of people. A lot of them but not all are from PC players. In the end this is for fun, but we are hoping if we all come together and show that there is still support and willingness to buy an update for this game in might actually show the makers that it is a good idea to put the money into it. A lot of us are not looking for an alpha 18 update. A lot of us are looking for an alpha 16 update. An even better idea would be to re-release the game not Alpha 18 that way they can continue to update the consoles alongside the PC that most likely will not happen. With as long as this game has been out I think it's nothing short of amazing to see how many supporters they're really still is the state of the game for consoles right now. Guess at this point is not enough to have them hire a porting team or to subcontract a porting team. But if we were to get enough people to show that they are willing to pre-order DLC it could turn in kind of like almost at GoFundMe type thing. We all love this game so much I just want to see a little bit to hold us over for the final release. If you look at their statement on their website everything that they said came back to money. Yes they said did they have to do testing and everything over and over again and send it to Microsoft and Sony but that still leaves back do you having the Manpower did you do it which also comes back to money. That's why we need to show them it is financially viable for them to go ahead and do it let's make this happen. For everybody who is new and wanting to sign in support please continue reading to the original post. Thank you all, let's go kill some zombies.


We are here to take a stand to show that we are such loyal and supporting fans that we are willing to pay for a re-release or paid DLC for current console edition of 7 Days To Die. We want to show you how many people are still to this day are willing to jump back into the game and fully support (even pre order) to make this happen. We know you guys have families to support and to feed. We all understand that, that is why we are here to tell you that, if you are willing to tell us that you are willing to make this happen, if the numbers are there, to start working on an update. It doesn't even have to be a full A18 release just yet even just an update that gets us closer to that point and then you can release the actual completed on next gen console with the possibility of releasing a lower form to us who have the older console in the completed edition. I hope you take this to heart and know that we are here and we are happy to help make this happen. Thank you all at The Fun Pimps for your amazing game and we look forward to sharing all the support numbers with you in the near future!