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Stop Bringing Animal Circuses to Fraser!!!

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These circus animals endure the worst life an animal can live! From constant traveling year round, day after day, in confined spaces, hour after hour, no air ventilation/windows in trailers, sleeping and living in their feces, inhumane and abusive training, the list goes on.  See for yourself......
Kelly Miller Circus has received numerous citations for animal neglect and abuse.

As a resident of Fraser, I am concerned about both public safety and the humane treatment of animals. Please sign my petition again asking the Fraser Lions Club to stop inviting cruel circuses to Fraser and support an “Animal Free Circus” instead. I want to collect as many signatures as possible on this petition to make sure we are heard!

Did you know???

*Tigers naturally fear fire, but they are still forced to jump through hoops in some circuses and have been burned while doing so. 

*Trainers use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks and other painful tools of the trade to force animals to perform.

*In more than 35 dangerous incidents since 2000, elephants have bolted from circuses, run amok through streets, crashed into buildings, attacked members of the public, and killed and injured handlers.

*11 months a year they travel over long distances in box cars with no climate control; sleeping, eating, and defecating in the same cage.

*Virtually 96% of a circus animal’s life is spent in chains or cages.

*During the off-season, animals used in circuses may be housed in small traveling crates. Such confinement has harmful psychological effects on them. These effects are often indicated by unnatural behavior such as repeated swaying, and pacing.

Fraser is a wonderful community that values family and responsibility. I do not believe that perpetuating the inhumane treatment of animals is in line with what Fraser stands for.


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