#Totalsports must fall

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All of Eben Etzebeth posters were removed by Total Sports ahead of the rugby WC Final, over alleged charges that has not been proven in a court of law and for which he was not charged.  This is what they had to say to justify their decision.

The media controversy surrounding Eben Etzebeth has been felt in our stores. As a brand, we don’t do controversies, we do sport. We made the decision to remove his poster.
Without taking sides/passing judgement, we wanted to ensure all our customers feel comfortable in our stores

My Statement:  You have proven to us that you don't do sport  You have proven that you do take sides. You have proven that you do pass judgement!  What about ensuring that all your customers feel comfortable in your store as you say in your statement.  But this is only applicable to a chosen few.  You decided to charge, convict and sentence him. You made yourself judge and jury with your decision to remove his poster. If you did not take sides, why did you not remove all the posters, of all the Springbok players.  Eben is supported by people of all races.  He is part of the Springbok WC group and together with his teammates they form a unit. One for all and all for one. This is such a lame excuse for the obvious bias stance that you have made by removing his posters. We demand that all Springbok paraphernalia be removed from the Totalsports stores as we cannot have a company benefiting from the Springboks and Eben Etzebeth supporters when they are clearly not behind the team. Lets stand together and boycott this group. Especially Totalsports !!!!!