2021 Ford Bronco First Edition: Improve The Options For Your Most-Dedicated Customers

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Who are we?
We are the most dedicated fans of the new 2021 Ford Bronco. We've waited 25 years for the Bronco's return. We've embraced the Ford name and the Bronco's heritage. We waited patiently on the evening of the reveal. We fought through wait times and page crashes, but were not deterred. We've scrimped and saved for this day. Only the best is what we came for and we're proud to say we walked away from the turmoil with our limited reservation in hand. We are your largest fans, the most vocal Bronco-Brand Ambassadors. And we're proud.

What we expected:
We did not expect to have every option available to us. We knew we were getting something limited. Something special. Something exclusive. Or so we thought. We expected a unique interior. The interior we received is also available in the Outer Banks model. We understand we can't have everything we want. We understand production costs and distribution chains. We understood pre-production models being shown with unavailable interior options, but still stood by our reservations. Disappointed, we trudged on.

How we feel:
Upon reveal of the Navy Pier interior, from early leaks to production-model Bronco Sports, we feel as if we are no longer excited about our upcoming purchase. We understand Ford is fond of this design, as it is colored to their brand. We feel as if the First Editions should be catered to the customer, not to the Ford branding. Mike Levine has continuously confirmed that the First Edition interior is locked-in. If that is so, we are the disappointed many that will forego our First Editions for a lesser-trim option.

How you can help:
Because we are not as special, nor as unique as we were sold, we'd simply like the same exterior paint options and interior options as the lower Bronco models. We do not like the Navy Pier interior as our only option, and hope for another. And we'd like to continue to be proud of our fruits of labor on reveal night. We'd like to be proud of the Ford brand. We'd like to continue to show our pride for the growth and rejuvenation of the Bronco brand. However, unless our seemingly simple request is granted, in the same fashion a totally new gearbox is being designed/created/tested for a manual Sasquatch package, we will feel cheated and dismissed by the brand we've come to love.

Sign this petition if you're Bronco-Proud, but dislike the Navy Pier, the limited exterior colors, and would simply like to be getting for which you're paying much more.