No more Martin Atkinson as a match official or assistant in the Premier League fixtures.

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Stop appointing Martin Atkinson as an official or assistant official to Liverpool matches. He is clearly showing favoritism towards opposition teams and keep making wrongful calls against Liverpool. Match at Old Trafford was an awful example of officiating and filled with wrong calls. Same goes with Aston Villa game at Villa Park, VAR decision against Roberto Firmino's goal was bluntly wrong as it was ruled outside. Let's stop this robbery in broad daylight and take appropriate action while it's not too late. It's quite obvious now that Mr. Atkinson is against Liverpool as he showed it (and is still showing) in numerous occasions.

He should not be appointed official to future F.C. Liverpool fixtures. It would be even better if he doesn't officiate any games in the Premier League anymore, since he is negatively affecting to football matches.