Make the EFL Playoff Finals 'Test Events' with 25% capacity like FA Cup Final

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All fans matter every day - not just for the big games!

So the big weekend is finally here and it's clear we've not managed to get the Govt and authorities to see sense. We hope those of you who have tickets enjoy the games, and those of you who have missed out also manage to get some atmosphere going wherever you are. Good luck to everyone involved and thank you all so so much for your support in this. 

With the Govt's 'fan led review' about to happen, this is a great time to keep pushing to keep our voices heard. 13,000 signatures in a few days shows the power of fans when we work together. 

So join your local fan group or trust, join the FSA and please if you're a Brentford fan JOIN BIAS! (it's free) - when we work together it really does make a difference.


4 months ago