Petition Closed

I am from the south and can relate to Paula Deen. I have diabetes, and I am thankful for all she does for diabetes research, and all she does for people across the country. Her cooking shows and recipes and wonderful and easy for home cooks.

Letter to
The Food Network Bob Tuschman
We the signers of the petition are fans, and followers of Chef Paula Deen. Whether we have diabetes, or just food enthusiasts, we love the message, warmth, love, and consideration of Ms. Deen. Unlike many chefs on your network, she has an understanding of simple home cooking, and encourages even the most novice of cooks to create great meals. We want you to know that we will not stand by and let people bully someone just because they made a mistake. Shouldn't everyone get a second chance. We ask that you respectfully rehire Paula Deen.