Food Network: Compassion in the Kitchen

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With 385+ Food Network shows, isn’t it time for programming that will reach a new, growing demographic with a 100% vegan cooking show? Assured 85 million people who identify as vegan and a good percentage of the 775 million who are vegetarians worldwide would tune in if the network launched a plant-based/vegan cooking show. The demand for meat-free food in the UK alone increased by 987% in 2017 and the U.S. is on a similar track. In 2018 the global vegan food market’s worth was $12.7 billion and is expected to rise to $24 billion in 2025. In 2019 the plant-based food sector grew by 11% (compared to 2% in the overall retail food sector) and the rising popularity of plant-based is irrefutable.

Roughly 40% of North Americans are including more vegan ingredients in their diet and, of course, this equates to an even larger viewing audience for the network. The whole-food plant-based practitioners, the ethical vegans, the health conscious, the animals, and the planet all win when we consider compassion in the kitchen.

With all of the talented vegan chefs, there's no shortage of people who would jump at the chance to host and share their vegan recipes. Considering all the plant-based options that replace virtually every ingredient, the odds of a vegan program being a success are very high and the recipes are endless. If the hurdle is a concern over advertising dollars look no further than Smithfield, Tyson, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, KFC, PepsiCo (with expanded partnerships with Beyond Meat), Perdue, Hormel and others, with massive advertising budget and who are expanding their product lines to include more plant-based products.

Let’s send the Food Network a strong message and show there's demand for a heart healthy, earth-friendly, animal-saving, plant-based/vegan cooking show.