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Ban teachers from assigning excessive homework during school breaks.

My name is Tracey and I am starting this petition in order to try and get the Department of Education, at least in the state of Florida, and the local school boards to stop allowing teachers to assign overabundances of homework and projects and student work packets during school breaks. This year during Spring Break, my oldest daughter was assigned 3 projects to complete. One of which involves building a pyramid (i.e., The Great Pyramid of Giza) to scale, including the surface area and volume. This is a very complicated and time consuming project and is going to take up almost her entire break. You might think that I do not hold education to a high value in my household but I can assure you it is quite the contrary. I am a teacher myself and value nothing over my children's education, as well as the education of every one of my students. However, my children have taken on a negative attitude toward education since they "never seem to get a real break."
As a teacher and as a parent, I feel that these packets and projects belong in the classroom. Not only are the children being overwhelmed with work but the parents and families of these children are, too! School breaks are times when many families plan vacations or other family functions and it is impossible to do when your child(ren) has a boatload of homework to do!! I have heard so many parents complain that all their child did during their break was schoolwork.
It is bad enough that these students have a large load of homework on a nightly basis. They don't need to have the same load over breaks as well. A break should be exactly that: a break...from the normal everyday grind of schoolwork and homework! I'm sure teachers who don't have children, or have children who are already grown, won't understand what the fuss is about, and to them I ask, "What did YOU do over Spring Break? Disney? Cruise? Just relax at home?" Well, I'm sure my kids would have loved to do any of those things, too, but they were too busy doing schoolwork!!
Let's get this petition signed and sent to the proper outlets so that these kids can start really enjoying their breaks from school, just like we had the luxury of doing when we were young!

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    The assigning of student work packets and projects during school breaks

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