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Disbar Jose Baez for conduct involving fraud, deceit and misrepresentation

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The conduct of Mr. Baez in the Casey Anthony trial was solely intended on enriching himself at the expense of the justice system. Put simply, Mr. Baez cheerfully turned the Anthony trial into a self-serving vehicle for self-promotion without any regard for the oath of office he took that mandated he assist the court in the fair administration of justice.

Unfortunately, Mr. Baez has single-handedly besmirched the reputation of the legal profession in Florida as a result of his B-performance acting job.
If Mr. Baez is allowed to escape punishment for his egregious misconduct during the Anthony trial, then future trials may as well be conducted as purely theatrical events with the winning performer being allowed to select his prize from Door No. 1 (not guilty verdict), No. 2 ($1 million medical malpractice award), or No. 3 ($5 million product liability award).

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