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This is not only important for the ocean's ecosystem but in turn the ecosystem of our planet, our bodies, our health and our sustainability.

Letter to
Florida State Governor Rick Scott
We the people of the United States of America and residents of this beautiful planet earth are urging you to use our voice as your concern to change our current legislation regarding the use of plastic bags.
The state of Florida has been falling behind on many environmental initiatives. The Florida bag ban would place us as an example for the rest of the country and symbolize how much we care for our surrounding ocean.
We the people would like Florida to be a leader in issues that are important to the welfare and sustainability of the earth and its inhabitants.

Florida's economic development, food industry, tourism, environmental ecosystem, beauty and natural harmony all rely on the water system in and around the state. The ecosystem is being challenged with such great disregard for its inhabitants of land and water. Not only is the allowance of plastic bags supporting the use of petroleum, it takes up to 1000 years for polyethylene bags to fully break down. In addition, marine life can not currently recover from plastic bag consumption that kills 1 billion bird life and mammals a year without immediate action.

Many positive attributes for businesses and government can support the bag ban, besides already stated, including the fact that plastic bags cost retailers an estimated 4 billion dollars a year. Only 1 - 3 % of these bags are recycled.

Therefore, the immediacy of this legislation is critical for the well being of our local wildlife, economy, health and future aquatic community.
We ask you to stand in place for our turtles, seagulls, fish, children, businesses and communities and speak at this extremely crucial and able time to do so.

With much regards and genuine activism.

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