Petition for an immediate ban on the recreational use of gill nets on Belgian beaches

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Gill nets campaign successful!! A total ban on the recreational use of gill nets on Belgian beaches will come into force in a matter of weeks!

Dear supporter of the gill nets campaign, On October 23, 2014, Belgian VIP Tom Waes handed over your “ban the gill nets” signature to the Flemish Minister in charge of Nature, Joke Schauvliege. The meeting was covered by prime time TV-News. Watch the TV report here: Minister Schauvliege was impressed by the 22,600 collected signatures and she promised us a ban on the gill nets would be ratified by the spring of 2015. Last Friday, March 13, 2015, the prohibition decision was confirmed, after positive advice by the Flemish Council for Nature & Environment and the Council of State. As soon as the new law is published in the Belgian Official Journal, the gill nets will be banned from Belgian beaches with immediate effect! Our beaches will be free of gill nets at last! Harbour porpoises will finally be able to hunt safely in our coastal waters. Fish species such as sole, plaice, and dab will be free to reproduce unmolested, without deadly nets awaiting them in the surf. This will contribute to a Belgian North Sea full of new life! And this result was achieved thanks to you and your support! Thank you so much! The gill nets campaign was an initiative of the Belgian NGO’s Sea Shepherd Belgium, BlueShark Conservation, Natuurpunt and Sea First Belgium. Learn more about these organisations: Sea Shepherd Belgium: BlueShark Conservation: Natuurpunt: Sea First Belgium:

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6 years ago