The Flannels Group Ltd: Permanently Stop Selling Real Fur and Reinstate a Fur-Free Policy

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We call on the fashion retail company, Flannels (a.k.a. Flannels Fashion/The Flannels Group Ltd), to permanently stop selling real fur and reinstate a fur-free policy.

Although Flannels has made numerous claims in the past that it would no longer sell real fur, the company has repeatedly failed to adhere to its word and is still selling it. In response to this, a renewed national campaign, Stop Fur At Flannels, is calling on the company to end its involvement in the fur trade once and for all.

Fur production was banned under the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act back in 2000, after a public consultation found overwhelming support from the British public to end it. The fur industry has been and continues to be widely exposed for horrific cruelty to animals. Undercover exposés have revealed animals on fur farms crammed into cages amongst squalid conditions, whilst those caught in the wild suffer traps that lock deep into their flesh, some animals even break their bones or try to chew off their limbs in a desperate bid to escape. At slaughter, exposés have shown animals being anally electrocuted and skinned alive.

As a result of the widespread exposure that has revealed the cruelty of the fur industry, real fur remains widely boycotted by the British public and most clothing stores including almost every department store in the UK already have fur-free policies in place - meaning they won't sell it. There is simply no excuse for cruelty to animals and faux (fake) fur offers an ethical, luxurious alternative that is widely available and already fashionable amongst the public.

In trying to position themselves as trend-setters, fashion companies should look to be regarded as forward-thinkers and innovators. However, for those that still sell real fur - including Flannels - they instead convey themselves as callous, outdated and out of touch with the public.

Flannels, please end your involvement with the fur trade now!