Petition to the Flagler County School District Regarding The Plan to Reopen Flagler County

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We, the undersigned, are requesting that the Plan to Reopen Flagler County Schools be reworked with the input of parents, teachers and staff.

We would like to see appropriate safety measures put in place to successfully minimize the spread of the pandemic within our community. Our teachers and students should not be forced to choose between their health safety and in person learning. We feel that together we can implement a plan that can better ensure the safety and security of our students, teachers and staff.

These steps MAY include:

·         An option for a split 2-day in person and 3-day online learning

 This will reduce the number of students in the school at any given time and make social distancing a possibility. Many districts are implementing a split schedule and we can look to them for guidance.

·         Mandated masks/face coverings for those who can safely wear them

If masks are simply “strongly encouraged”, many feel peer pressure will win and safety will be jeopardized.

·         Plexiglas partitions in classrooms where the appropriate social distancing cannot be accomplished *If masks are not mandated

·         Lunches served in classrooms

Specialists have proven that eating in large groups is one of the leading causes of transmission. We would minimize this risk by serving the students in their classrooms.

·         Longer stay at home after student displays symptoms and becomes fever free

This would be enabled with the online learning that would already be in place from a split schedule. We also need to ensure families that as long as their students maintains their grades and keeps up on their work, they won’t be penalized for any stay at home.

·         Temperature checks done at school

While we understand the implication of this may be difficult, we feel that relying on families who often have busy mornings is equally unrealistic. We would like to try to find a better way.

·         Handwashing at designated times

We will work times into the schedule to allow our students and teachers to maintain healthy hygiene.

·         Increased sanitation

Hallways and classrooms will be cleaned whenever possible throughout the day and thoroughly after school hours.


While we know we cannot completely eradicate the risk of spreading the virus, we do believe that we can successfully minimize the risk. We owe it to our students, teachers and staff to provide them with a plan that can not only be accomplished but also provide them with a safe environment to teach, learn and work. They have the right to safe in person learning. It will not be apparent if we do too much, but it will be gravely evident if we do too little.