The Five Percent Nation (NGE) to be officially recognized in SCDC as an official religion

The Five Percent Nation (NGE) to be officially recognized in SCDC as an official religion

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Why this petition matters

Started by Victory Allah

We are petitioning for our religion The NGE to be officially recognized within The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) as an official religion and not as a Security Threat Group (STG). As an adherent of The NGE we are petitioning SCDC to be able to engage in the following activities /and or practices as provided to other religious groups enumerated in the departments operating procedures for offender religious programs:

(1) To receive and possess The Book of Life of The NGE. The book of Life consists of The Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, and The Lost-Found lessons. Also to include and possess NGE books , subscription publications, newspapers and any other NGE literature.

(2) To be afforded the space and time for (1) congregational worship service and (1) study group weekly as provided for all other officially recognized religions in SCDC.

(3) To be allowed to observe The Honor (HOLY) Days of The NGE which are listed as follows: 

*Father's Day on February 22nd commemorating the physical birth of the founder Clarence Smith

*Allah's Show and Prove on June 13th commemorating the physical return (death) of the founder Clarence Smith

*Family Day on the last Saturday of August when we celebrate The NGE with our families and the larger community 

*Year One of The NGE on October 10 ,1964 commemorating the day when Clarence Smith founded The NGE

(4) To receive and wear the crown (head coverings) of The NGE as muslims are allowed to wear the kufi and the jews the kippah

(5) To receive and possess the medallion (Univeral Flag) or images thereof of The NGE ,as Christians are allowed to receive and possess the cross , Muslims the Cresent/moon and the jews the star of David

(6) To be afforded meals with no pork or pork by-products for all NGE adherents with the alternative entree diet which SCDC currently provides as an alternative diet

(7) To be afforded the opportunity to have SCDC approved NGE volunteers come visit and give sermons (builds)  at the congregational worship services of The NGE at the institution as is being allowed other recognized religions within SCDC

Lastly, all of the above requested rights and privileges have already been agreed and decided on by the courts in COWARD V. ROBINSON 276 F.Supp , 3d 544 (E.D VA 2017) which will also be inclusive to The FIVE PERCENT NATION (NGE) within The South Carolina Department of Corrections. We thank all family , friends , supporters,  tax payers , constituents and concerned citizens! PEACE

332 have signed. Let’s get to 500!