Help us Change the Technology used by the Fish Farming Industry

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A primary concern with the dangers of this practice begin with the dangerous and unsustainable technologies behind it. Some dangerous methods that members of the fishing industry use would be dredges, trawls and explosives. Dredging is an activity required to be carried out to remove the unwanted deposits from water pathways. Dredging posses a huge threat to the marine environment because the soil changes the water-body composition, and that isn’t good for the marine environment. Trawling is a boat pulling a net through the water and sometimes, the net is midway between surface and seafloor which results in overfishing. Millions of tons of sea creatures are trapped in trawl nets each years. Bycatch also occurs from trawling. There are marine mammals and sea creatures caught which result in unwanted deaths. The net makes the water destabilizes the ocean's temperature making sea creatures breathing circumstances hard. Explosives result in rapidly expanding gas called a pressure wave which is key to any explosives destruction. This results in coral destruction and different species of sea creatures going extinct. Any sea creature can be electrocuted if they’re too close to the explosive.