Get Ms. Dutschmann’s Lights Back

Get Ms. Dutschmann’s Lights Back

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the fire department and the school

Why this petition matters

Started by jillian :)

Basically there was this fire safely check thing that happened on Monday Nov 1st while we were out of school and they said all fairy lights or sting lights hanging in classrooms were “fire hazards”. So yeah Ms. Dutschmann’s lights were taken down and many other teachers too but mainly Ms. Dutschmann’s because it took away the cozy aura of her classroom. :(

So now we’ve got to get them back. :D

Why you should sign:

1. Ms. Dutschmann is the best teacher

2. sting lights aren’t fire hazards

3. because it’s our school and we should enjoy our learning environment, and we can’t learn well without cozy lighting. we’re all gonna fail.

If the school wants us to pass, give us back Ms. Dutschmann’s lights.


thanks, have a nice life.

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!