Car Insurance companies to take more ownership.

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I have been a safe driver for over 10 years, never involved in a car accident. A week ago one Sunday afternoon I parked my car in an area I thought was the safest possible place. A one way street with cars parked only on one side of the road. It's an inner city road and hence the speed limit cannot be more then 20MPH. 

On my return to the car several hours later, I saw my car had been hit. All down the side and the front. The force must have been so hard where my vehicle had mounted the curb. I called the police who were aware of the indecent and provided me with a reference number. They also informed me there were anther two parked  vehicles involved - All the fault of the one driver 

I then called my insurance to inform them of what happened and that the car was not derivable as both front wheels were pointing in opposite directions. The insurance sent a pickup which took my car and I was told to make my own way home. So far so good... but then....

The next day I get a call from my insurance company informing me the police report can take about two weeks to be received, the insurance company of the perpetrator were not accepting liability at this point. My insurance then go on to tell me that my vehicle is currently in a compound and incurring a daily charge. I would need to either pay myself to have my car released and stop the daily charges or open a claim against my own policy.  I was being pressured to take one of the two options. If I made a claim under my own policy I would lose 2 years of my no claim bonus as well as my excess and would need to declare that I have made a claim. This is frankly absurd! I told my insurer this was unfair as at the time my vehicle was being picked up I was not given the option of where I would like the vehicle taken. 

I refused both options as neither of them were fair. Under no circumstance can I be blamed for the incident as my vehicle was appropriately parked on a one way street. I kept being told 'this is how the insurance industry operated' - If this is the case then it clearly indications a huge floor, some could argue its similar to how fraudsters operate. 

To date I have rejected to opt for any of the absurd options given to me and made it clear I will not be opening a claim under my policy and will not be responsible for storage charges as it was not my decision to take the vehicle there. If I had been given the choice, I would have got them to park it on my drive were there would be no charge. 

To add insult to injury, my vehicle is only worth about £1000 pounds at most. My access is £250 and I paid about £400 for my car insurance. Hence I am out of pocket either way with no money to purchase any decent car.  

As a democratic nation we have been silent against such legal fraud for way too long. It's time we make our self heard.  Insurance companies need to make huge changes to how they handle cases where their client is by no means liable and hence should not suffer any resulting repercussions.

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