Stop insurers from raising car insurance premiums for "non-fault Claims"

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Why should the people (VICTIMS) who have had there vehicles damaged by third parties be the ones to pay more on insurance premiums?

Research has shown that the majority of insurers will raise your premiums if you have been the victim of a No-Fault Claim, this can be up to a 50+ percent increase. This means whether someone has damaged your vehicle, on the road or even parked up, that you should be also held accountable financially in the following years.

I was the victim when someone drove into my vehicle while it was "legally" parked on a residential street and a third party hit my car even while it was unoccupied, they claimed fault and the matter was resolved through their insurer however upon renewal of my policy it had risen circa 20 percent. It is immoral for insurers to be able to do this to the public and base these rises on their own "Statistics" when at the end of the day they are punishing a "Victim" as opposed to solely those who have caused the damage themselves.

The justification behind this is that a driver who has been the victim of a "No fault claim" is more likely to be involved in a "Fault claim" however how is this a fair statement when it is not down to the victim of a third parties actions that these events have happened. In my case, and many others, the vehicles themselves where not even occupied and stationary! 

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that you should need to declare these on their policies as logically there is no need to do so, as this is not a personal reflection on your capabilities as a driver. It is requested however by Insurers for this information dating back 5 years, this means 5 years of increases to our policies even with No claims Bonuses! However if unclaimed the policy is essentially void in the event of an accident.

This allowance for premiums to rise because of "No Fault claims" should be abolished as it is an immoral and vaguely justified way of getting more money from the policy holders. As car insurance is a legal requirement insurers feel the addition of such rises can be gotten away with and the consumer will carry on taking out the policies as they are imperative to day to day living, However such rises like these are unjustified and immoral.

Sign the petition and help abolish the rise in car insurance premiums due to "No Fault Claims".




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