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Having Water Dispenser in every Classroom at San Isidro National High School

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      We are the ISIDRIAN UNION (IU). We are a students from San Isidro National High School. We are concern for everyone's health and we would like to emphasize the significance of of drinking clean and safe water.

      Water is a fundamental human need. Clean water is an essential nutrient, the basis of all living organisms and absolutely neccesary to sustain life. The importance of drinking water is paramount to our health because 70% of our body is made of water. Drinking enough H2O maintains the body flyid balance, which helps transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature, digest food and more. Water is an integral part of most any workout, and it becomes more important in order to prevent dehydration during long workouts. Drinking water makes us feel so refreshed that is actually improves our state of mind. 

      San Isidro National High School students are actively participating school activities such us sports. But when they got tired and thirsty, some of the students prefered to buy bottled water at the canteen. Many of the students bring their own tumbler (water container) but nowhere to refill it.  But having water dispenser in the classroom students don't need to leave the room and can fill their container right there, so that they won't miss out the lessons in class. 

      Allowing to have water dispensers in every classroom will help students to maintain a good condition of their mind even in hot weather. Each of the students and teacher will save their money and time because the availability of drinking water in their classroom. It will also result in decreasing plastic bottles and cups that are usually the container of the drinking water we bought in our canteen. This petition will be a big help for students, parents and techers, as well us to our environment.

       Our group, ISIDRIAN UNION, is promoting and supporting this project in "Having water dispensers in every classroom". We are concern for our school, and we humbly ask for giving this attention upon the School Administration of San Isidro National High School.

Take action and sign this petition in support of supplying clean and safe drinking water for every school.


This is a mock petition for educational purpose only.


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