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Like most Australians, if I am in a loving relationship then it is fundamental to me that I want to marry that person. I fully support the right of all gay and lesbian citizens to chose to marry the person they love.

Australia is a secular country and marriage is a civil right. The government should not be discriminating against any gay or lesbian citizen because they were born to love someone of the same sex. I want all Australians, regardless of sexual orientation, to be treated equally by our government.

I do not want special treatment or special rights for gays and lesbians, I just want gays and lesbians to have identical rights to all other Australians, including the right to marry the person they love.

Societies views on marriage have evolved. Previously, inter-racial marriages, inter-religious marriages, divorce, sex before marriage, multiple marriages, de-facto relationships (living in sin) – used to all be frowned upon. However, now these are all common-place and accepted in society.
Same sex marriage is just another step in this evolution of marriage, and is now supported by a clear majority of Australians.

Repeated polls since 2009 show between 62% – 68% of Australians support same sex marriage.

Ms Gambaro in 2011 you surveyed your electorate and found 73% support for same sex marriage.

A Galaxy poll in November 2011 shows 80% of Australians believe the Coalition should have a conscience vote on a Bill to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Gay and lesbian people are decent people - they should not have to wait any longer to be treated with dignity and respect by their own government.
The movement towards marriage equality is unstoppable and the time for change on marriage equality is NOW.

Teresa Gambaro, you are my local Federal MP and I urge you to support marriage equality both by pushing for reform within your party (including a conscience vote), and also when a Bill is introduced in Parliament.

I would like to hear from anyone living in the electorate of Brisbane who supports marriage equality - please send me a message on this website if you would like to get involved in the movement towards full equality.

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