Urgent Financial support for Canada's Musicians and Artists Needed

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Musicians depend on audiences and festivals for their income. Artists need exhibitions to show their work. COVID-19 effects the livelihoods of Musicians and artists severely. They are not eligible for employment insurance as part of the gig economy. Why do I care?  I am the father of a well-known Canadian blues and rock musician.  He is the father of two sons. He and his partner and their boys depend on the income that he makes through festivals and performances. We need musicians and artists for healing. Artists live a precarious existence in good times.  Right now they are facing a crisis which may drive them out of business entirely.  The Canadian Council for the Arts at the Federal Level and provincial arts support organizations understand our cultural industries best and could lead a financial support package for musicians and artists whose ability to continue to create for all of us is at risk.  What can you do?  Draw this to the attention of your provincial and federal MPs.  Let you municipal councils know of your concern. Let the musicians and artists in your lives know that you are thinking of them. Continue to buy digital music.  Share images of you favourite musicians and artists through your social media channels.  Songs and Art can heal. Help our artists as they have helped us through the years.