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Stop relying on foreign countries for oil, fuel, and other goods.

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Our government is going into a national crisis. We are in an insurmountable amount of debt. Even if the government were to tax 100% of every american, it would still not be enough to pay off our debts. Part of the reason we are in debt is because we rely so much on foreign countries for the absolute necessities. We need to stop buying things that are made in foreign countries, and begin buying things made in America. As of now, the value of the U.S Dollar is 10% lower than it was 10 years ago. Many countries are beginning to find a new currency to use, besides the U.S Dollar. In 2010 a meeting was held between Britain, Russia, Italy, China, and other countries, to change the world currency. The government had no knowledge of this secret meeting of officials. If we do not start paying off debts, and begin focusing on the American economy, we can expect an economical crash 10-times greater than that of 2008. The only thing that is keeping America afloat is our government being able to print as much money as they want. Now let me ask you, do you think it is right that the government has kept this information a secret from americans!? Our government, has been lying to us! If we do not begin to make changes in how we rely on other countries, the next (possibly) 100's of generations will essentially be screwed for retirement, housing costs, and interest rates of up to 20%. Please, sign this petition and help save your government and the future generations.

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