To remove the protection act laws from the Australian constitution.

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Currently under the Protection Act, passed in the various Australian states between 1905-1915, indigenous children are being forcibly removed from their families and their homes and stripped from any traditional culture that they had carried from their ancestors. It is a tragedy that the protectionist movement has continued to remain in government for this long and immediately needs to be rid of.

Children are currently separated from their families and forced to adopt white European culture, unable to speak their traditional languages or refer to themselves by the names that they were given by their parents. Most children are placed in institutions where neglect and abuse are common – it is a foreign environment where they have no sense of belonging, no sense of family and no understanding of their biological history.

We, the APAS (Anti protection act society) petition the government to lift the laws under this horrendous movement to begin to embrace indigenous culture rather than suppress it.