Tax Credit for the Profitable Sequestration of Carbon

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"A decade ago climate experts were deeply worried. Now they are terrified." - Tim Flannery.

As stated in the above quote, here and now in 2018 Climate scientists are terrified of the ramifications of human race's carbon footprint for future generations. At this point even if we do the absolute most we can do to solve the problem of Climate Change the most we could expect is we would see some improvement by the 2040's. The 2020's will be worse than the 2010's and the 2030's will be worse than the 2020's. Regardless of what we do now, we will experience these two decades minimum of change, but you can help yourselves and the next generation by signing this petition to get a tax credit for the profitable sequestration of carbon. By putting a tax credit on the profitable sequestration of carbon we give industries like kelp farming a jump start thus creating a way to feed people, creating hundreds of jobs and creating a way to deal with the carbonisation of our atmosphere.

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