Ban the Australian Greens Party

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The Australian Greens party is an irrational and evil political group aimed at destroying the Judeo-Christian roots and the Western culture that has kept Australia stable and prosperous for over a hundred years.

The Greens are bullies, and their facade of peaceful friendly animal and tree loving hippies simply does not wash. They are an Anti-Christian, Anti-Australian Party run by self-confessed Communists. 

They couldn't care less about the enviroment. They think Nuclear energy is a Nazi boogyman hiding under the bed.

They couldn't care less about our nations heritage. They want the Lords prayer from parliament scrapped and they want our states abolished.

The Greens are dangerous . They believe in an idealistic form of immigration, were absolutely everyone who wants to come to Australia should be allowed too and that none of them have the potential to commit crimes and terrorism unless we turn the boats away.

They have a preoccupation with campus issues like transgender toilet rights and the subconscious racism of Halloween parties that has rendered them as foreign to the true environmentalist  as the true environmentalist are to them — if indeed the two have ever actually met.

Like fascists, they conjure up absolute goals and destroy anyone who fails to meet them. Indeed, they actually yearn for oppression in the hope that it will bring about the longed-for communist revolution.

I can go on telling you how evil and a threat to our nation they are. But most Australians are smart enough to already know that.

So let's get on with it, and call for the Federal government to be ban them before they gain anymore support. Lest the far right nukes the Greens capital of Melbourne. 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The Greens must go.