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The Federal Government: 50% Federal Excise Tax on the sale and importation on all guns and amo

We cannot stop the munitions and arms merchants. They and their puppet the NRA will work to do anything to keep selling their products, they DO NOT CARE, it's about MONEY. So let's hold them responsible, just like we have done with the tobacco industry, for all the damage the use of their products causes. These taxes will be used for: Compensation and funeral expenses for victims families, stronger security at schools and other public institutions, improved Mental Health Programs to assist in the treatment and care of those who may be high risk for violence. We recognize the supposed "right" of people to own weapons that can kill 20 people in a minute, NOW IS THE TIME FOR THEM TO BE TAXED FOR THEIR DECISION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GUN CULTURE THAT ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE COSTLY DAMAGE THAT PARTICIPATION RESULTS IN.

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