#RaiseNewstart for Australians

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How much does RENT cost? How much does food cost?       #RaiseNewstart

Newstart is below the poverty line.             #RaiseNewstart

HOMELESSNESS is increasing. This is why: Newstart is not enough  to pay rent & food. There are no Jobs, especially in rural areas. Women are being left alone due to  family violence & more older females  are now living on their own, unable to live on newstart (the retirement age has risen) &  becoming homeless. It is not easy to get a job over 50 or 60 yrs of age. 

Men, women and others with mental health issues who would have lived in supported accommodation, now are on the streets or in sub-standard boarding houses & or caravan parks. People are dying, either by suicides & or ill health due to poor nutrition.  Newstart is not enough to pay rent and purchase foods that will support good health & a positive  wellbeing. Many jobs are casual  or part time so not enough to pay rents. 


If  a parent becomes homeless their children are usually removed by child  protective services. Families are broken up due to this.   #RaiseNewstart

It only takes one family member to lose their job & be unable to pay the rent  for 2 weeks. Then you are  given a notice to Vacate from the real estate. If one person is working & loses their job it is more difficult to pay rent   #RaiseNewstart

It takes up to 6 weeks to gain the first Newstart payment after you have lost your job.  This is when people can become homeless.       #RaiseNewstart 

More lower cost housing, higher Government rental rebates, more low cost social & public housing could alleviate  the housing crisis of  our lower income groups. This is not happening, in fact  there are more people becoming homeless, and there are less low cost rentals.               #RaiseNewstart.

Newstart Allowance is paid every 2 weeks.
Your maximum fortnightly payment is:
single, no children
single, with a dependent child or children
single, aged 60 or over, after 9 continuous months on payment
$492.80 each


Low income home loans, for second time home buyers is what I have dreamed of. This could especially assist  sole parents & partners who have had a first home buyers loan, then for some reason have  found themselves alone, looking after their children, at the mercy of landlords who can raise rents each 6 months. Think of family violence families & those who can’t live together & how this can help.