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Make it illegal for employers to defer felons from employment.


Simply because someone has had a run in with the law in their past does not necessarily make them a bad person, untrustworthy, or a bad employee. Millions of people like myself are capable of great things, and bringing about big positive change and influence, yet we get turned down, and often because of one solitary mistake in our younger lives. Opening up the job boards, at least in some areas, will obviously put a dent in the unemployment rates, benefit the economy, and cut the number of "repeat offenders" by a large margin. Many felons simply repeat offend, or become career criminals because once that first conviction is in place, they are not given a chance, and thus are also marked for LIFE by the felonious past in question.

I can see not letting sex offenders work with children, deferring thieves from working in banks, keeping sociopaths from working in hospitals, but in other areas, turning down felons as a whole is just about as unfair and offensive as turning them down for reasons of gender, race or religion. It is all discrimination, just of a different hue. It has become quite ridiculous when a man can't even find a job working in a factory, and being told outright by the company that it is based on their criminal background check. It simply doesn't make sense!

My brain and back are no different than anyone with a "clean" record, and honestly, probably better in many cases as I already know what it is like to be without, to lay on the bottom of the barrel and have nothing despite what monumental effort has been given. I am sure I'm not the only one. Give us the same chance that everybody else has, and watch us do great things with it!

Signing this petition is giving voice to these pleas, which will be sent right to the doorstep of the United States Supreme Court. This country was founded on the free will of people, WE THE PEOPLE, let's use that same power to make changes and make it fair for ALL of we the people!


I also kindly request that each individual that signs this copy the URL from the address bar and share it via their FaceBook pages or local CraigsList if you are from out of the state of Ohio. Let's gain every signature possible, small voices are never heard! It only take a minute!

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