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The Federal Bureau of Prisons

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The right to  extended family visits is granted by a higher authority - Mother Nature, and should be honored by the federal government.


Private Family visits give inmates the opportunity to keep the family together.By doing so, inmates are more likely to have lower recidivism rates and are easier to manage while serving their sentences.


We must stop them from destroying the sanctity of marriage I ask you to please concider this it maybe someone you know or someone close to you who is in this situation. 

Maintaining family ties is a very laudable goal that correctional administrators must at the very least try to achieve. Strong family ties are so important in the rehabilitative process and are shown to inhibit recidivism.The possibility of salvaging the family unit while a spouse is incarcerated will take correctional programs that encourage and promote normal family behavior. The family, correction officials and their staff play a major role in successfully bringing an inmate back into society


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