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Take Aspartame Off the Market

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The FDA approval of aspartame was fraudulently obtained by Searle, aspartame's inventor. It was rejected for sale to consumers, yet the president at the time took executive action to ensure that the FDA commissioner could take no further action. Rodents that died from it were autopsied after a year of decomposition and brain tumors were removed. These rodents were deemed healthy. They never reported that they found that it caused fatal grand mal seizures in monkeys.

Independent researchers have found causal correlations between repeated, heavy use of this additive and fibromialgia, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, migraines, mood and panic disorders, and many others health issues that have no known cause.

Not convinced that this strong positive correlation is causal? Correlations are certainly not always causal. Then why it is that when people cease aspartame consumption these health problems get progressively better? MS patients, for example, have stopped aspartame and began using it again and reported excerbated MS symptoms. Why do we not see these diseases in everyone who uses aspartame heavily on a daily basis? Simple: many neurological disorders and cancers develop more often in people that have genetic dispositions toward these health problems. Not everyone who carries the gene or set of genes that cause a disorder get it because the gene is not activated by a substance and/or behavior that affect the gene on an epigenetic level. It is now known and accepted that genes can be switched on and off depending on actions and eliminating a substance. Nothing is soley genetic nor solely environmental, save for traits such eye color. To put it simply: genes are switched on and off after one is born. In fact, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Steinman, Hoffman and Beutler who discovered that changes in one's genes is what causes cancer. Aspartame has been found to cause genetic damage, much like free radicals damage one's DNA and cause melanoma .The incidence of previously rare brain tumors rose precisely with increased usage of aspartame.

Natural no-calorie sweetners exist, that are plant-derived, so the switch would be easy for the diet industry. This simply should not be in baby food, since it can cause mental retardation in young children. A large amount of medicines are chocked full of this substance, especially those exclusively marketed to children, talk about bad medicine.The cigarette industry denied for years that smoking causes a plethora of fatal conditions, everyone once insisted that the world was flat, and people who sell millions of tons of this known carcinogen press that their product is safe.

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