Give the walking dead's Aaron a funko pop, as he deserves!!

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We all know that a character made into a Funko pop is a character who has made it! - but somehow funko has completely missed out one major popular character that we all know and love... Aaron from the walking dead! 

I find it crazy that he hasn't been made yet, but "Richard" from the kingdom has!? There are dozens of Ricks, and Daryls and Negans but not one glimpse of a single Aaron pop has reached our eyes.

Earlier this week I stumbled across a design someone had made for an Aaron pop and it was so impressive, and Ross himself loved it! It is in such high demand it is crazy that they have not picked up on the idea yet...

So this is a petition to the Original Funko company to make an Aaron Funko pop that both we (the fans) and the character deserve!