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Create equal rights for co parents

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I am father who has been brought up in what society calls a broken family. The only reason it is ever broken is because of the lack of support by multiple parties involved in each situation. Many cases are very different from the next. We live in a time where fathers are treated like they are inferior and the laws that we follow to this day sets up all split families to fail. Joint custody in 2017 means nothing. It is just a title on a piece of paper. There is no one out there holding anyone responsible for their actions. There are great mothers and fathers out there. There are also bad mothers and fathers out there. The old barbaric laws treat all single fathers as beneath mothers no matter the situation. The children need their fathers as much as their mothers to be successful. The laws today set up ever father to fail. A father can do everything right and still not see their children and no one enforces that to change. The police no longer enforce custody papers. So what is the point of them if no one enforces it? All that happens now are families get dragged through court for the same actions to happen all over again. Most cannot afford to go to court over and over again. In the end is why 37% of split families fail due to a party giving up because it is a losing battle. I am here to fight for Co-parents equal rights and people need to start being held accountable for their actions. Parent alienation is a huge problem in this country. It is child abuse. It affects the way a child views the other person. I have direct experience in this. I learned this the hard way, not everything is how it seems. Most of the time it's only one side anyone chooses to hear. I've sat in court and I wasn't even allowed to show my evidence. I fight for all parties not just fathers. The laws hurt the split families. The law needs to change. The way split families are viewed needs to change. The schools need to change and realized they need to know the outside situation better then are being told. Please sign my petition and help make this change. Our children are the only ones being hurt by this.

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