Please help us bring gracie home

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we are begging and praying for everyone’s help, recently a placement order was put in place which means my daughter can go for adoption, the reason being is due to my mental health being in a very bad place, since then I have shouted out for support and got it!! Not only that I’m having therapy for various different reasons! That was the reason given at court and they also said the timing it would take to get therapy is too long for Gracie to wait (in my eyes she could wait for her adoptive parents but not her own mother!!!!)

There as now been an adoptive family found and this is something that ain’t settling with me very good, I have done my 100% best in all aspects to change not only in my self but everything around me, this as been an extremely difficult time for me and Gracie-Mae as the court proceedings as been going on for nearly 3 years, this as been a time of hell for us but with the rights steps and us acting quickly we can be heard and listened to!!!

We are also in court this week to appeal the decision at court and to revoke the order made to the local authorities, we are wanting as many people as possible to be there and protest with me, as a Mum to other mums and family members this as killed me, Gracie is the light to my world and the key to my heart, I’m asking all please sign this petition and be at the protest to help GET GRACIE-MAE HOME!!!! she’s in the system and it’s the wrong place for her to be, her mummy is here perfectly fine and been to every contact, been aloud to take her out etc, I need my baby and she needs her mummy please help us �����