Petition Update

End Facebook Speech Suppression!

Louis Leo IV
Boca Raton, FL

Jun 9, 2014 — Last week our petition reached 4,500 signatures... but we'll need much more to get Facebook's attention.

Have you shared the Facebook Declaration of Independence with your friends yet?

Here's an excellent overview of what Facebook is doing for reference:

Thank you again for your support!

P.S. Have you RSVP'd to the next global #MarchAgainstCorruption yet? Learn more + join the fight against the corrupting influence of money in politics & government here:

The Anti-Social Network
The Anti-Social Network
For us, it's no secret that Facebook has quietly become one of the biggest scams in modern history. It's been nearly two years since the 2012 elections when we saw our last post go somewhat viral. Soon afterward the entire month of October 2012 would disappear from our timeline.