Petition update

Email sent to Mr Appleton....

Chad Roberts
Coventry, United Kingdom

Jun 15, 2013 — Dear Mr Appleton

Below is a link for a online petition in which over 1,000 have signed in less than 2 hours, everyone who has signed have expressed there unhappiness at your decision to select a SISU business as the preferred buyer of CCFC! (Including non Coventry City fans)

It is also a direct request to both The FA and The FL for there immediate review of the bid and what is happening at the club in regards to current owners SISU.

Also if possible would you like to explain to us how you deem a company which has no assets and no capital which was only established in 2011 and has also failed to submit its accounts for this year as the preferred buyer for CCFC? When we believe there were far better bids on the table?

Here is the link to the petition.

I look forward to your reply...

*this email is also being submitted to all involved parties

Mr C Roberts


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